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Reasonable Doubt 2022
Jun 08, 2021
In General Discussion
The Ramos decision on April 20, 2020 only applied to cases currently on appeal. This arbitrary timing issue is unfair and unjust. Individuals who happened to complete their appeals on April 19, 2020 or any time before that are left with an UNCONSTITUTIONAL conviction(s) based on a relic of Oregon's racist and discriminatory past. NOT FIXING THIS IS THE EMBARRASSMENT! The recent decision from SCOTUS in Vannoy vs. Edwards has left a lot of Oregonians with felony convictions that SCOTUS has already determined to be unconstitutional. Hundreds of our fellow citizens were anxiously awaiting this decision, in prison and out, and were let down by the "justice" system once again. SCOTUS stated in Vannoy that Oregon could determine whether to apply the unanimous jury rule retroactively or not. Of course Ellen Rosenblum could begin fixing the shameful situation, but instead she rather make flimsy excuses and allow our fellow citizens to sit in prison or continue to carry the weight of a felony conviction. She is not seeking justice! Her inaction has caused this action. Our fellow Oregonians need this to be retroactive ASAP. No Oregon citizen should EVER be sitting in prison based on an unconstitutional conviction. Paths to retroactivity: SCOTUS makes Ramos retroactive (SCOTUS said not their job) Ellen Rosenblum makes Ramos retroactive (Rosenblum kicked the can) Oregon courts make Ramos Retroactive (keep you fingers crossed) Oregonians vote to make it retroactive (Oregon citizens believe in fairness) This initiative petition is just getting started, please share and join us. Spread the message! Thank you

Reasonable Doubt 2022

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